Three-Time Participant at the Venice Biennale
Ying Tianqi Taipei Exhibition Reflects Ancient Architecture and Historical Culture

Date|July 19 – Aug 17, 2014
Venue|Asia Art Center Taipei II | No.93, Lequn 2nd Rd., Taipei 104, Taiwan
Following by an exhibition at Shenzhen Fine Art Institute, Chinese contemporary artist Ying Tianqi is currently exhibiting his latest series Traces of Centuries and Encounter Piet Cornelies Mondrian at Asia Art Center Taipei II. Since 2011, La Biennale di Venezia has invited Ying Tianqi to exhibit for three consecutive years. His artistic evolution initiated with print to mixed media works, installations, and video art, is honored by Hi Art magazine as the top 100 Chinese contemporary artists. Artist Xu Bing discussed Ying’s work as “expressing only those with an awareness sensitive to the cultural era, while not belonging to those artists who merely intend to mimic contemporary concepts.”

At the exhibition opening on July 19th, Liu Ke Fung, curator of the Taiwan Pavilion at the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale, furthered their discussion surrounding architectural culture. A collector of Ying’s works said, “Minimalistic, abstract, yet figurative, which explores history in a holistic view.” Ying Tianqi’s latest Encounter Piet Cornelis Mondrian received high praise because it is “even more abstract, perhaps as a result of higher spiritual attainment” and “within his seemingly abstract and sensible work, the artist concealed a traditional Chinese woodcarving, what a crucial finishing touch this is!”

Ying Tianqi recalled the words of Robert Rauschenberg: “An artist should spend his entire life searching for an enigma, once he has discovered one he starts looking for the next, always singing the song of enigmas.” The Wall of Enigmas– Ying Tianqi Solo Exhibition will be exhibiting at Asia Art Center Taipei II through August 17th.