Art Basel Hong Kong in 2018

Asia Art Center: Revisiting the Origin of Taiwan’s Modern Art in the 1960s

Artist: CHU Weibor, FONG Chung Ray

Duration: Mar. 29 – 31, 2018

Exhibition Venue: Convention & Exhibition Centre 1 Harbour Road Wan Chai Hong Kong, China.

Booth: 3D35

Asia Art Center presents a retrospective exhibition into the history of Taiwanese modern art, with the emphases on Chu Weibor (1929-) and Fong Chung Ray (1934-), each respectively representing the pioneering art movements of Fifth Moon Group and East Art Association. The show vividly contrasts of their creative innovations upon two parallel axes, displaying a total of nine works by the two artists composed between 1965 to 1984.

Works by Chu Weibor

Gateless Curtain 1984  Cotton 185×303cm (triptych)

Pass Down II 1965  Ink on paper 78×54.5cm

The Window of Wisdom 1965  Ink on paper 78×54.5cm

Dusky Night 1966 Ink on paper 78×54.5cm

Dynamic 1965  Ink on paper 54.5×78cm

Works by Fong Chung Ray

1975-37 1975  Acrylic on paper 82.4×58.2cm

1974-65 1974  Acrylic on paper 82.6×59.7cm

1972-06 1972  Acrylic on paper 83.8×89cm

1973-81 1973  Acrylic on paper 74.9×68.6cm



「Concave Mirror」Photograph

1957-1958 Preliminary Sketches