LAST TWO DAYS to see Li Chen’s Major Exhibition in Paris

Li Chen’s premiere outdoor sculpture exhibition at the Place Vendome in Paris has generated international appreciation and discussions over the past month.
“Why are these sculptures can be so big yet look so light, as if flying?” many curious visitors asked, feeling amazed by the spectacle.
Beyond the boundaries of language and culture, the artist’s humorous visual style often brings smiles to audiences’ faces. The international media remarked: “Li Chen’s exhibition at the Place Vendome informs a perfect combination between Eastern cultural element and Western aesthetics.” Many western viewers also noticed and described the sculptures as “full of energy, giving out a sense of Eastern ‘qi’.” Li Chen’s 12 monument sculptures descend upon the most prestigious historical square in Paris, contributing a meaning record to the interdisciplinary exchange between the East and the West.
Starting at the midnight of September 29th, the exhibition will be closed for dismantling, and to commence preparations for heading to our next stop of touring exhibition in Europe.