J.C. Kuo : Totem and Taboo

2008 Solo Exhibition at Taipei Fine Art Museum

2008    28.5×30.5cm    180 pages    USD 35

Kuo born in Lukuang, Changhua, Taiwan in 1949, graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, Chinese Culture University in 1973 and learned how to paint at the Li Chun-shan Studio during 1968-73. Sponsored by Asia Foundation, USA during 1974-79, he devoted himself to researching Taiwan folk arts and participated in practical fieldwork. Influenced by Pop Art in the 70’s, he formed an unique personal creative style in the 80’s-the combination of Han-Tang figures and totems or symbols of Chinese folk arts as well as a strong western vocabulary. In the 90’s he expanded to landscape paintings and Chinese classical fairytales. His works are collected by the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, and the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Japan.

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