YIN Zhaoyang

b. 1963

Born in Henan and graduated from the Central Institute of Fine Arts in Beijing, YIN is an artist who selects the pulse of an era as his subject. His solo exhibitions include “Myth”(2001, Beijing Art Museum) and “Utopia”(2004, Beijing Central Art Museum). Group exhibition he had participated in include “Cruelty of Youth Painting”(2002, Shanghai DDM Warehouse and Beijing Yan Huang Art Museum), “Images Image Exhibition”(2003, Shenzhen Art Museum), and “The Power of Personality – a travelling exhibition of progressive art”.




Teresa Teng No.1

Taipei 101

Tian An Men Square-Dizzy

Taipei 101-Dizzy

Red Tian An Men Square-Dizzy

Tian An Men Square-Dizzy

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