Rendering the Future – Chinese Contemporary Ink Painting Exhibition
Curator | Yin Shuangxi
Invited Scholars | Liu Xiaochun、Pi Daojian、Hang Chunxiao
Artists | Cai Xiaosong, Gu Wenda, Huang Zhiyang, Lan Zhenghui, Li Jin, Liu Dan, Liu Kuosung, Liu Qinghe, Pan Gongkai, Pan Hsinhua, Qin Feng, Qiu Deshu, Wang Huangsheng, Wang Tiande, Xu Bing, Xu Lei, Zheng Chongbin, Zhu Wei
Date | June 14 – August 10, 2014
Reception | June 21, 2014, 4pm
Venue | Asia Art Center (Beijing)|Dashanzi 798 Art Dist., No.2, Jiuxianqiao Rd., Chaoyang Dist., Beijing 100015, China

The conceptual mission “The Spirit of the East” proposed by Asia Art Center is based on the respect for our cultural heritage, while incorporating oriental and western aesthetic visions. With the support of Curator Yin Shuangxi (Professor, Central Academy of Fine Arts, China) and Invited Scholars Liu Xiaochun, Pi Daojian, Hang Chunxiao, we are pleased to announce the opening of “Rendering the Future: Chinese Contemporary Ink Painting Exhibition”.
Among these artists, Liu Kuo-sung refines the breakthroughs in the media of ink, while Pan Gongkai develops the spiritual sense of it. Gu Wenda and Xu Bing critically engage the cultural and historical progress to re-discover the artistic expression, echoing with globalization. Cai Xiaosong, Liu Dan, and Wang Tiande deconstruct the lifestyle of classical literati, pursuing a modern vision of gardens and forests, ancient scrolls, and stele rubbings. Lan Zhenghui, Zheng Chongbin, Qin Feng, and Wang Huangsheng develop the abstractionist style of ink painting, while Qiu Deshu and Huang Zhiyang explore abstract combinations of color affecting the abstractionism in it. Liu Qinghe, Li Jin, Zhu Wei, and Pan Hsinhua, express modern people’s view of everyday life, which contains humor and playful approaches toward worldly values. Xu Lei’s detailed approach reflects the modern transformation of ink painting, which has already emerged as a leading trend. -Yin Shuangxi
Visit the exhibition at Asia Art Center (Beijing) from June 14 to August 10. The opening reception is on June 21.