Title Still Waters Run Deep – Asia Art Center 40th Anniversary Special Exhibition
Artists Chen Ting-shih, Yuyu Yang, Chu Weibor, Chuang Che, Fong Chung-Ray, Li Yushuang, Wang Jieyin, Yang Chihung, Ma Shuqing, Shen Qin, Chen Qi, Chen Shuxia, Sang Huoyao, Li Chen, Cai Xiaosong, Shen Kelong, Wang Shaoqiang, Chen Yan, Koon Wai Bong, Yu Xuhong, Hang Chunhui, Guo Jianlian
Duration Oct.22, 2022 ~ Dec.11, 2022
Asia Art Center (Beijing)

Still Waters Run Deep – Asia Art Center 40th Anniversary Special Exhibition

Asia Art Center planned and held “Still Waters Run Deep – Asia Art Center 40th Anniversary Special Exhibition”. “Still water flows deep” means that the surface is calm, but there are thousands of life wisdom in the heart as hills and valleys, the theme of the exhibition is based on the artists who have long been committed to promoting contemporary art and explore the Chinese context, and the exploration of the spirit of oriental aesthetics. Therefore, this exhibition continues to promote the development of Chinese contemporary art with the deep artistic feelings of still water. In this exhibition, Asia Art Center intends to represent twenty-two cooperated vital artists with representative and unique artistic features over the years: Chen Ting-shih (1913~2002), Yuyu Yang (1941~), Chu Weibor (1929~2018), Chuang Che(1934~), Fong Chung-Ray (1934~), Li Yushuang (1935~), Wang Jieyin(1941~), Yang Chihung (1947~), Ma Shuqing (1956~), Shen Qin(1958~), Chen Qi (1963~), Chen Shuxia (1963~), Sang Huoyao (1963~), Li Chen (1963~), Cai Xiaosong (1964~), Shen Kelong(1964~), Wang Shaoqiang (1969~), Chen Yan(1970~), Koon Wai Bong(1975~), Yu Xuhong(1975~), Hang Chunhui(1976~), Guo Jianlian(1977~). The above-mentioned artists were born in the 1910s to the 1970s, spanning half a century. They have formed their own unique aesthetic viewpoints and practical experiences in the decades of artistic exploration and creation.

“History is always a mirror, reflecting the present and illuminating the future.”.

Asia Art Center was established in Taipei in 1982. As a comprehensive art institution that has been engaged in the research and promotion of modern and contemporary art for a long time, it has always adhered to the operation concept of vision, integrity and professionalism. It is committed to promoting the exchange and development of modern and contemporary art in China, Asia and the world by holding high-quality exhibitions, representing outstanding artists and presenting diverse art and cultural projects.

2022 is the 40th year (1982~) of the establishment of the Asia Art Center, and the 16th year (2006~) of the establishment of the Beijing gallery of the Asia Art Center. From 1982 to the present, it has been conscientiously working for decades, from zero to one, from nothing to something, and has gradually built its unique artistic ecology and a solid group of artists and collectors. Asia Art Center is fortunate to be a witness of Chinese contemporary art, as well as an active participant and promoter. It can be said that the Asia Art Center has witnessed the development and transformation of Chinese contemporary art, and Chinese contemporary art has also witnessed the growth and transformation of the Asia Art Center.

The cross-generational artists of the old, middle-aged and young showcase that artists of all ages have inherited the traditional culture and fully integrated Eastern and Western aesthetic ideas to create new techniques of artistic language and form innovation, with strong faith and good wishes passing on from generation to generation. Through this exhibition, we try to show the cognition and attitude of the Asia Art Center and its artists to art in the current tendency and appearance of multicultural art, since artists always adhere to the ideals and beliefs of artistic principles. The exhibition will also simultaneously present the development of the Asia Art Center in the past 40 years from 1982 to the present. Through the review of significant historical events, we will reflect on the present and look forward to the future.


Chen Ting-shih Day and Night#49-#52

Yang Yuyu Dragon Shrill in the Cosmic Void

Chu Weibor Serendipity

Chu Weibor Start Over (Reset to Zero)

Chuang Che Green Valley I

Fong Chung-Ray 2019-7-18

Li Yushuang Spring

Wang Jieyin  Empty

Yang Chihung Unlimited Sky

Yang Chihung Astonished Splendor

Ma Shuqing Concave-Convex 2022-5 & 2022-6

Shen Qin Mountain 2022

Chen Qi Creatures

Chen Shuxia Eastward

Li Chen Sky

Sang Huoyao World in Silence

Cai Xiaosong Glorious Weather

Shen Kelong Zang

Wang Shaoqiang The Pines·2022 03

Chen Yan Enlightenment No.2

Koon Wai Bong Silhouettes of the Bamboo Trees

Yu Xuhong Ascending Yandang Mountain No.2

Hang Chunhui Paintings about Materials 2022-1

Guo Jianlian Waterfall No.7

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